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Apstra Brings Intent-Based Networking to Life

With Apstra Operating System 1.2, the network goes from being something that has a lot of manual overhead to become an agile and automated, self-operating network…



Network Automation Makes your Life Easier

Hardware-centric networks are not able to keep up with the demands of business today, not to mention the growing security threats that exist. Read this solution overview to discover how implementing a network virtualization solution for your business will make your life easier…



Time for software-based networking to free up network managers

Software-based networking and network automation may finally be taking center stage. The test of success will be whether network managers are freed up from manual tasks to keep things running…



Network Automation: More Than Scripting

Automating rote network tasks isn’t all script-driven. Network automation also can mean intelligent control and policy-based networking…



Why Network Automation Matters

Rick Sherman of Puppet presents “Why Network Automation Matters, and What You Can Do About It” at PuppetConf 2016.


Ansible Automation Integrates with Apstra Intent-Based Networking

Using the integration we’ve done with Ansible, you can drive AOS APIs through your Ansible playbooks, thus integrating AOS as part of your over-arching DevOps methodology — spanning beyond the network and into other components into your infrastructure. And, by using AOS as the source of inventory, network inventory management and troubleshooting tasks become easier — because your service intent, network resources, configurations, device inventory, and telemetry are centrally stored and correlated algorithmically in one place…



Enterprise Networking Planet’s Top 10 Networking Experts You Need to Follow
For insightful takes on the latest networking news and trends, be sure to keep an eye on these bloggers and their Twitter accounts…



Delivering on the Apstra Mission with AOS 1.2

Delivering on the vision of a Self-Operating Network™ is the core mission of Apstra. As we have made clear, this is not an easy challenge, but one that requires careful steps forward that address customer requirements…



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