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Thermostats, Self-Driving Cars, and Self-Operating Networks™

Modern automation systems have two fundamental characteristics — they are Intent-Based and they are Closed-Loop. Yet it is only today, and with Apstra’s Intent-Based Self-Operating Network™ that these concepts are being introduced to network infrastructures!


Intent-based” is the notion that the user interfaces with the system by specifying their intent, in the context of a specific function.

Let’s take the example of a simple automation system — a climate control system. You interact with a climate control system using a thermostat. The thermostat allows you to input your desired temperature — that is, your “intended outcome”, or your intent.


Self-Driving Cars


Network Automation in the Data Center (NA-DC) Course Overview:

This three-day course is designed to provide students with the knowledge required to automate SDN/NFV solutions in their data centers. Students will build on their knowledge of data center networking and learn how to use Ansible to automate building scalable IP fabrics. Students will also augment their knowledge of different L2 and L3 protocols to automate data center services that use virtual machines, containers, and bare metal servers using Contrail Cloud. This course is based on Contrail Release 3.2.0 and OpenStack Liberty. For specific content questions, contact


Please note: Course pricing may vary based on Juniper Networks Authorized Education Partner (JNAEP) offerings and locations.


Data center network automation tool: Lab-style provisioning in the cloud

A new data center network automation tool – once used in networking testing environments – takes lab-style provisioning into the data center for application and resource provisioning on demand across public and private cloud networks.



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Apstra Intent-based Networking Systems


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